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Derry Preschool Mission Statement

Each and every child is a unique individual with his/her own talents and abilities.  Children are born learners, with a strong sense of curiosity, and their own brand of imagination and creativity.

At Derry Preschool, our mission is to treat each child with respect, while nurturing their curiosity and natural desire to learn.  This will enhance their confidence, as well as aid them in developing a cooperative relationship with both their peers and adults around them.  We believe that children who are healthy emotionally are best prepared for later schooling.

Our mission is attained through the following methods:

  1. Bullet A Low student/teacher ratio

  2. Bullet A balance of child-directed and teacher-directed activities

  3. Bullet A "creative curriculum" -  in which the child's inborn desires to learn is nurtured, and the child's natural sense of creativity is developed

  4. Bullet "Pre Reading/Pre Writing" skills are developed: this includes skills to strengthen small muscles, reinforce left to right eye movement, and build language skills.  A general "love of learning" is emphasized with daily reading and sharing of books

  5. Bullet A safe and enjoyable play area to develop large motor skills

  6. Bullet Special Music and Art programs to enhance our creative curriculum provide cultural stimulation, and a further sense of self-expression.

Our mission at Derry Preschool is to let children explore the world outside their homes in a safe but stimulating environment.  Our staff of accredited professionals is here to nurture the individual, both emotionally and cognitively, and to prepare them for the adventure lifelong learning.

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