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Why Derry Preschool?

When your children are ready to explore the world outside of their homes, Derry Preschool offers many benefits. Our primary goal is to provide an environment which  nurtures every child's self esteem. Feeling good about themselves and their accomplishments is most important! We also offer an atmosphere which promotes positive social interaction with other children as well as adults. Our curriculum is designed to introduce children to the diversified world around them socially, cognitively, physically and most importantly--creatively. Non-profit, nonsectarian school

  1. BulletLicensed by the State Board of Education

  2. BulletCertified teachers

  3. BulletLow teacher-student ratios

  4. BulletMorning and afternoon classes

  5. BulletFlexibility for parents with extended-day options

  6. BulletExtended-day and Enrichment programs

  7. BulletOutdoor playground

  8. BulletRegular music program

  9. BulletSummer Camp Program

  10. BulletFour-day 5 year old program

  11. BulletA unique summer Jump Start kindergarten program to give students future preparation for kindergarten

  12. BulletTwice-yearly parent-teacher conferences

  13. BulletRegular field trips

The Derry Preschool Advantage

For 40 years, Derry Preschool has been dedicated to nurturing the development of the whole child.  Our teachers mix learning and fun, creativity and structure. We foster individual interests and understanding.  We value cultural and linguistic diversity and we teach acceptance.  We recognize that children need both social and cognitive learning experiences to become successful.  

Derry Preschool relies on strong parent participation, in the classroom and on the school's board.  


Derry Preschool has strong ties to the community.  The school coordinates with local school districts and holds regular events with police and fire departments and other community organizations.


Derry Preschool has done joint research with Penn State to learn more about promoting English language acquisition for internationally born students.

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